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What is a Modern Day Priestess?

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Welcome home to the Priestess Presence Temple & School of Sacred Arts.
Bring your dreams, prayers, open heart, and songs of devotion.
Receive the blessings of your remembered Essence.
Open the door & reveal the pathway to walk as Love.

This is a living temple where you come to remember who you truly are … to remember your inner-Priestess.

The temple also contains a school to train—if called—in the art of priestessing, so that you may be a sacred, ecstatic activist … in service to Love.

Here are the four main ways you can come closer:

  • Join the free temple sisterhood
  • Explore our current offerings
  • Discover the priestess school & trainings
  • Connect during our live retreats

Priestess Presence Path

Enjoy a visual map of how to navigate, connect with, and journey through the temple.
This is a beautiful way to explore the weavings & intricticies of this sacred space.


Dive into the temple’s priestess trainings and school.

Explore what the sisterhood has to say about the temple.

Want to know more? Learn about the temple, Kalila, and our stewards.

Divine Feminine


Which of the 13 faces of the Goddesses do you most embody? Which one is calling you into a soul initiation?


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